virgo, actively seek balance.

libra, trust these are the right decisions.

scorpio, separate fact from feeling.

sagittarius, remind yourself how you got this far.

capricorn, it is a time of luck.

aquarius, unpack your current fear.

pisces, take on this challenge.

aries, you will find a place to belong.

taurus, let it happen.

gemini, toast to self-acceptance.

cancer, embrace the love around you.

leo, you are safe here."

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"I think it’s weird that teenage girls know more about giving blowjobs than they do about masturbation. It makes me sick to my stomach that so many young girls think sex is just about a guy finishing."

Elizabeth Olsen 


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my bed is the comfiest place ever everyone come over and cuddle

I hate/love everything

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"you were named after the bravest man i ever knew, harry potter, jr."

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instead of packing im just gonna lie in bed reading game of thrones

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im so over jswipe

the secret to happiness is black skinny jeans

I want you I want you too

never before have gay men and lesbian women come together as for this Robyn concert


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